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Canning the Chaos of Costumes
writes, "You can feel it in the air. The weather has changed, the leaves are beginning their annual transformation, and in the distance I'm beginning to hear the howl. The howl of Halloween that is."
I love this time of year but as my kiddos have grown, they have begun to form their own opinions as to what their attire should be (much to my dismay). Yes, gone are the days of perfectly themed and executed costumes. These days, my kids pick out their own get-ups, and I'm just left to foot the bill. There are rules however:

1) Costumes cannot be a bajillion dollars. Now, if you are talented enough to make your kids costumes, then please send me your number so I can call you next year. I am the gal with no sewing talents to speak of which leaves me trying to conjure up the best deal possible by visiting all of the online stores instead. I look for coupons, free shipping or any other sale I can get my hands on.

2) No skulls, axes in the head, gushing blood, or horror type costumes. Those things creep me out and on Halloween, I want it to be about fun, not gore. Plus, I'm a Christian gal and the thought of glorifying all things dead, undead and otherwise is a tad yucky to me.

3) No inappropriate costumes. Recently my daughter wanted to wear a costume that was a tad too "adult" if you know what I mean. She's eight, not twenty-eight, so in our house, the more skin that's covered, the better. I've got my eye on that girl for sure.

4) No heavy-duty make-up. I came up with the idea of my kiddos being the Smurfs this year. I'm sure a lot of other moms might have the same idea due to the popularity of the movie. Then I thought about all of the blue body paint I would have to put on and remember how easily it comes off. Rather than having a blue house complete with blue furniture, I quickly dismissed the idea (theme or not, I've got my sanity to save). Smurfs are out.

So, what will my children end up being this year you ask? As mentioned, themes are out the window these days since my kids have formed opinions. So, my toddler will become a boxer (fitting), my eldest son a Transformer (his second year), and my daughter will be rocking out in 80's garb and I may just join her in dressing up. I love the 80's!!

Here are some tips to get started on your own costume search:

1) Start your costume preparation and decisions early. As in now! Otherwise, you may be forced to spend more money and run the risk of sizes not being available too. This causes yelling, headaches, crying, the whole bit. Do yourselves a favor and start shopping this minute.

2) Check out all the various online sites before going to a store for purchasing. The specialized Halloween stores usually run more. Do your homework, find coupon codes, look for free shipping, etc. Hit the Goodwill, consignment stores, and any other thrift type stores that have used costumes. If they have only been worn once, you can save some serious moola by checking into those places first.

3) If this is your baby's 1st Halloween, make sure to get something weather-appropriate. See my baby up top? He was a stinkin' cute monkey but he was also a sweaty, slightly dehydrated monkey by night's end. This wasn't the best idea for Arizona temps. Lesson learned.

What are some of your rules when it comes to Halloween costumes? Do tell!


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