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Natural Child Birth
writes, "With Cesearan sections at an all-time high of 34%, and 50% of women walking into hospitals in labor asking for an Epidural, along with the soaring number of "planned" inductions, I think we need to be reminded of the Good (what now seems to be) "Old Fashioned" benefits of Natural Childbirth."
We find the best outcomes of labor to be when a women's body is fully ready to begin labor and it begins naturally, they are surrounded by love, support, and are given encouragement, she has been educated and well prepared for the process, and the baby is in the proper position for birth.

Here are 12 Benefits of Natural Childbirth you may not have thought of:

1. Natural Childbirth is Shorter - Pain medications often interfere with the body's natural way of laboring and can slow down contractions.

2. Less Medical Interventions and Non-Invasive - Epidurals can disconnect women from the natural pushing action and prolong labor, doctors are prone to intervene. The use of forceps, or vacuum delivery can have irreversible damage to a baby's developing brain and spinal cord.

4. Less Stress on Baby - Pitocin drip (uterine stimulant) is often used to speed up contractions. The resulting contractions begin to come on so strong and fast that a woman has very little time to recover between them, leaving less oxygen to reach the fetus. This could damage the fetus's brain cells and possibly lead to neurological problems.

5. It Heightens the Baby's Alertness - The pain medication received by the mother is also passed on to their baby. They babies born to medicated mothers are more sluggish with lower APGAR scores (a scoring system to evaluate baby's health after delivery).

6. Stronger, Healthier First Breath - When baby is squeezed through the vaginal canal, fluid is forced out the lungs, babies are able to breath and respond better.

7. More Freedom During Labor- Laboring mothers are able to move freely during labor to find positions that are most comfortable.

8. Shorter Recovery - Without the numbing medications or major abdominal surgery there is less healing time.

9. Avoidance of side effects of drugs - This includes sudden drops in blood pressure, headache, fever, ringing in the ears, backache.

10. Better breastfeeding - Babies of medicated mothers are less alert and have more difficulty initiating breastfeeding than babies born naturally. Naturally born babies are more likely to have immediate skin-to-skin contact, which also helps to facilitate breastfeeding.

11. Less Costly - $9-17k for hospital births, $14-25k for Cesarean births, $3,500-$5,000 for homebirths.

12. Natural Childbirth Empowers the Mother- Women report a euphoric feeling after giving natural childbirth, a strong sense of accomplishment, and control of their body.

Dr. Christie Hafer


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